About Us

“The Shape Theory” was born out of our pure passion for fragrance and our true love for Eco-Friendly products.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our consumer a truly curated journey of luxury craftsmanship and discovery their olfactory senses through our exquisite fragrance blends and unique notes.

We would like our customers to think that "The Shape Theory" products are carefully "Crafted”, as opposed to being “Manufactured”.


Blending Science and Art

Definition: The Shape Theory of smell” proposes that a molecule's smell character is due to its molecular shape, molecular size and functional groups. It has also been described by a 'lock and key' mechanism by which a scent molecule fits into olfactory receptors in the nasal epithelium.

We try to connect the scientific with the metaphysical, by crafting products that transport you to a cleaner and purer world using only high quality 100% natural ingredients.


Our Promise 

At "The Shape Theory" we endure to commit and never compromise on our quality and ideologies of Eco-friendly products. You can be rest assured that we distill our knowledge, passion and commitment to quality, in all product produced at the shape theory


So what’s in a candle? 

Before we tell you about our candles, it is important that you have some knowledge how candles are made and the candle industry.

The majority of candles today are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product or a combination of both.

The best soy candles are made without any synthetic or petroleum derived additives like paraffin.

These additives are not necessary and yet many candle companies blend soy wax with paraffin wax.

This is done for the benefit of being able to claim ‘natural’ or ‘soy candle’ and also to keep the price of the candle competitive. Hence, if you see a soy candle that is very cheap, the chances increase that it will contain paraffin or another synthetic wax.

Keep in mind the candle industry is not regulated by the government so there are candle companies who will claim its 100% soy /natural wax, when and it is really not !!

Since there are no strict governing laws the onus is on the seller of the candle to ensure that the candles have been manufactured to meet the required industry standards and are labelled correctly.

Did you know?

Even if a candle has as little as ONLY 10% of soy wax by weight in it, it can STILL be sold in the market as 100% soy/natural wax candle !!

Hence you should always buy your candles from a reputed company.


Our Luxury Candles

All our candles are made from 100% soy/natural waxes, we DO NOT add paraffin wax to our candles. All the Fragrance oils used at the shape theory are specially formulated for Candles and made from Natural oil extracts which are 100 % Phthalate and Paraben free and contains NO alcohol making the fragrance last longer. Our wicks are made from all natural cotton fibers and are 100 % Lead and any other metal free. Our containers are Recyclable/Reusable glass jars. To add to this, all our candles are handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. With our candles you can envelop your family & friends with a healthy yet luxurious aromatic atmosphere. Whats more !! You can buy scented candles online with free shipping in India.